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Welcome to our website! Aster has been dedicated to empowering and supporting older adults in the East Valley since 1979.  We offer a full continuum of programs and resources aimed at independence with dignity, helping seniors navigate the sometimes challenging journey of aging.  To connect with us, all you need to do is fill out the contact form on any of our website pages, call us at 480-964-9014, or just stop by our Mesa Downtown or Red Mountain Senior Centers.

When we changed our name to Aster in 2020, we added the tagline, “Empowered Aging”. Ageism and related stereotypes and biases continue in our society today. These outdated beliefs about aging can lead older adults to embrace self-limiting attitudes.  Instead, we believe that we each have the power to define our own journey as we age.

Unlike fine wine, lifelong challenges tend to not improve with age. Many older adults in our community are isolated, without nearby family or friends for support. Most exist on limited fixed incomes, and many live in poverty. They may be at risk for becoming homeless and struggle with hunger and malnutrition. The majority have chronic health conditions, and many are physically challenged in activities of daily living. Access to basic resources may be limited.

Aster is focused on empowerment through foundational resources. We offer pathways for seniors to achieve outcomes that include financial stability, food security, social connectivity, community engagement, improved health status, increased safety, housing security, and increased independence.

When we were kids, “older” always meant “cooler”. We admired our older brothers and sisters sometimes just because they were older. We were excited about our birthdays and even proudly counted half years into our age. Imagine a world where this perception did not end and that age was always valued. This is Aster’s dream for at least our small corner of the world. With your support, we will do everything we can to make it happen and our older adult neighbors will not be forgotten.

Please join us in Aster’s journey, as a program participant, a volunteer, a donor, or a champion.  We thank you for all you do.

Deborah Schaus, MSW
Chief Executive Officer

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